Self Repair Guides

Sometimes you have to repair your own board!


And I understand that you may want to go at it alone. While I love your business, I’m really happy to see you develop your own skill sets. This could come in handy if you are traveling (like to Brazil or something) and you need to do a basic fix. And of course, for ‘seamless’ professional work’ (or fixes on your fixes), please bring your board directly to me!

Here are some starter resources that I’ve compiled for you. Remember, you can always come by the shop with a coffee / or Coca Cola and seek out my input too! Also, note well that when you do get a small enough ding, dry off your board, put a surf sticker on it and then come see me after your elongated session. No wax though should ever plug a hole, that will just make the repair that much more crazy!

Ciao! Mauric

1. Ding All Instructions

 In the ‘ding all’ instructions, they promote their own brand (which is pretty good stuff). There are other alternatives for repair materials that can cost less. And their guide is a bit scant of some information, but it’s enough to get you started. 

2. Chelsea explains…


I think you’ll get a kick out of the video; she’s got some good ideas.

3. Surftech sells a kit for epoxy repair


Click here for their directions (from their website)

4. This is a ‘sun cure’ fix


Basic instruction on using ‘sun cure‘. You might want to do two things in addition to reading the actual instructions carefully. 

1) Take off the sunglasses if you’re working indoors, and…

2) Don’t work indoors. 

These highly toxic fumes need proper ventilation for your health!

And you really don’t want glass particles floating around where you eat, sleep and drink coca cola (the kind with sugar cane) or wine, do you?


5. One of the masters of surf repair “Turtle” (aka Moura)


6. Eva-M Hollman — none of us are worthy. She has a fantastic menu of surf repair possibilities. 

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