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Obrigado! Thank you my friends for checking in and bringing your paddle boards, inflatable sup and good thoughts to Maurice Surfboard Repairs!

Maurice’s Surfboard Repairs (Just 7 min from El Porto!) 

                                                 8420 Osage Avenue, Westchester, CA  90048  
                                  (Just one block West of Aviation)

                   Quote: of the decade “The Mother of Inventions*

               Specializing in traditional and epoxy repairs including SUPs.

       Maurice (310) 615-1008 & (310) 702-0040 /

 Please call and make an appointment so that I may give you and your board full attention.

I’m really glad you stopped by to peruse these web pages.

I hope you are doing great and that you are stoked on life!  And now that you’ve arrived… I would like to tell you about what my surfboard repair shop is all about.  Now on the obvious side, clearly, we fix boards — but there’s so much more I want you to know by both reading this and meeting me in person.  Overall, we do your repair both quickly, well and at a price you’ll appreciate. 

The short of is, you’re going to be really happy when it’s done and you’re smiling on a lovely wave!

At Maurice’s (me being Maurice and all), I take the craftsman approach to things of a board repair nature

I’ve been at this a long time (look at my grey hair and the foam dust — I can’t tell which is which anymore), and I’ve learned a lot about quality, cultivating customers and relishing in the stoke of the process of being in the surfing industry.

And — there’s more to that. Here are some of the details that surround what craftsmanship means to me and how I do it —  and the importance of you as my customer.

 1)  I personally work on all kinds of boards and best inflatable sups including heavier glassed Tylers and Andersons, classic boards (Bing, Jacobs, Hobie, Carsons, and so forth) and some really great shapes from Brog, E.T.’s, Spyder, Podunk / Entropy, Beckers, Fish, Kennedy, and places such as Players / El Porto Surf, Spyder’s and so on.

 2)  I carefully and in the most nuanced of ways, match the glassing, color (when possible) and the original technique of the board construction / glassing for a quality repair that you can count on when you need it.

 3)  I’ll also advise you when you may not need a repair, or when I think you have one coming down the line (i.e., that delam could mean something bigger, or not… yet).

My overall goal is to build a solid relationship with each of the surfers that I meet over time based on their needs (highest quality, cost factors, time, materials options, etc.).  

Please do give me a shout when you want your best surfboards, inflatable stand up paddle board repaired. And feel free, as well, to gander at these pages. I’m in the process of setting up some guides here for you on local shapers, repair methods, suggestions and few photos. I think we’re in a really neat time and place as the South Bay now has a great and diverse community of surfers, shapers and the repair crews to make it all happen again and again and again.

Thanks for being here! I look forward to seeing you in person. And good waves and people in your day and future!


p.s. send me a picture of a board that I repaired that you are now surfing on again, and I’ll gladly and with a big smile, post in on my pages.